Monday, October 29, 2007

So GM is building a hybrid research center in China?

I do not understand how any company does not understand that any technology passed to China will be used against it. Carrying out research in China which uses US knowhow inevitably leads to it being passed to China. Some people are slow to learn this.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Can online gossip hurt your career? Ask Stephanie Fierman

With the spread of the Internet, we find that so many people use it to look into the past of individuals we want to date, hire, or marry. Yet, so much on the Internet is at the very least unsubstantiated, and often totally untrue. Gossip has always been a poor basis on which to make important selections, but when it is on the Internet, it has even greater danger. It is sensible for each of us to know what is being said about us. Frequently, we cannot change it, but being prepared is essential.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

How can Airlines continue to be so out of touch?

I was booked on a United Airlines flight from New York to Los Angeles. At JFK, waiting for the flight, which was scheduled to leave at 8.45pm, it was 8.35pm and the plane had not yet arrived. Then an announcement was made that the plane had not yet landed so departure had been delayed to 8.55pm. This was an absurd announcement and clearly a lie, as there was no way that would happen. As time passed, more announcements were made, with departure steadily being for 20 minutes ahead. All this did was irritate passengers. While clearly designed to keep passengers in the gate area, it was completely unnecessary since the plane had not even landed!

This illustrates how airlines continue to fail to connect with and understand their customers.