Monday, December 09, 2013

Why can't people accept that they may have something to learn?

I had a client who use to ignore everything anyone suggested unless it was something he already wanted to do. On one particular issue, where he had no experience at all, he had a very locked in point of view. I had tried to convince him to think differently, as had others. Then one day, after someone else tried to convince him, but failed, he turned to me and said,"everyone keeps on saying the same thing. I am looking for someone who will tell me that I am right." So, he saw the fact that everyone kept on telling him that he was wrong as evidence that no one but him had the right answer!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Closing the loop to make social media more effective

Some people see relationships with "friends" or "connections" as one way only. They assume that they are so fascinating that everyone else will read their posts and that they do not need to reciprocate or show that they reciprocate. In order to cement relationships better, unless you are an entertainment or political rockstar, you should note and "like" or "share" other people's posts. This is immensely flattering and will encourage others to read what you have to say. Relationships should not be one way only and closing the loop in this way is valuable.