Monday, August 02, 2004

Change is inevitable

For most people change is uncomfortable. We belive that if things chance we will somehow lose by it. Yet if we look back we see that change is inevitable and by welcoming it, we can prosper. When whale-hunting was clearly starting to drive their numbers down in the 19th century, it actually provided opportnities for many. Oil companies were formed to replace whale oil lamps with kerosene lamps, whalebone stays were replaced by stays made from processes turkey feathers. Fortunately for the whales, this made need for whale hunting obsolete. Yet just as this made the skills of so many people obsolete, we complain when we see skills of today made obsolete. Hard as it is, change is inevitable, and we can either reisist it and fail, or welcome it and put ourselves in the vanguard. Every change allows people and institutions that were not in the forefront to become movers and shakers. Not only Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who helped to invent the future, but so many who are unsung, took control of change.

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