Wednesday, October 06, 2004


I have been preaching simplicity for many years now. Simplicityhas many benefits, it tends to reduce costs for all in the chain. It will speed up all activities. It will increase customer satisfaction, and it will make it easier to fix something whrn it goes wrong. Over 15 years ago, I was talking about "disintermediation", where the reducition of steps and intermediaries makes all more effective. Dell computer showed us how! About five years ago, I endorsed the book "Simplicity" and its companion "Work 2.0," by Bill Jensen. Now I would endorse David Teten's blog which extends the concepts very effectively.
We lose so much when we complicate life and business. So much that is really simple is presented as complex and made that way. Like Alexander the Great sclicing through the Gordian knot, a razor sharp blade is often more effective than a complex activity.
Let us apply this to every activity. I am not suggesting simple-mindedness. Simplicity is often quite difficult, and requires a lot of work.

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