Thursday, October 06, 2005

Can people keep up with technology?

There is a widening divide between what C.P. Snow called "the two cultures." There are people who feel empowered by technology. They are excited by the possibilities which technology promises. This includes not only computers, but networks, bio-engineering, automotive advances, logistics improvements and manufacturing systems re-invention. I see intelligent, educated people who can barely use email, develop a PowerPoint presentation, carry out a Google search, or use Photoshop to improve a photo they took.

On the one hand there are people who rely on blogs and use more often than they use a phonebook. On the other, there are people who write out emails for their assistants to send, and then read the printed out replies they get. Each has its risks. The technological enthusiasts are narrowly focused, and the technologically blind lose control of their lives.

Sadly, even among younger people, I meet some who will not use technology as the powerful tool it is. I suspect this may continue as technolgy moves ever faster.

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