Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Age does matter in the game of musical jobs

Job tenure for senior and middle managers continues to shorten. A study by Greg Welch of Spencer Stuart suggested that the average tenure of a CMO is now down to 23 months. Now I know some who have lasted no more than 3 months, and a few who have been in the job for years. The reality is that a newly appointed CMO is likely to be out of the job quite fast.

The other issue is that over 50, however talented and energetic someone might be, the chances of landing a new position in corporate life are slim. So in the game of musical chairs which is today's job market, a typical CMO who is perhaps in his or her late 40s, is quite likely to find that unemployment strikes just as they reach an age of diminished employability.

Therefore, trite though it may be, itis key that managers in their late 40s take great care to hang on to their jobs.

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