Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How the Marketing Executives Networking Group is seizing the Web 2.0 initiative

The Marketing Executives Networking Group, founded in 1995, had its first web presence in 1999, when Yahoo Groups first became available. Since then there have been two steadily more powerful web-sites, with the latest hosting an immense amount of information. As the organization has become first National and now International, technology has become critical in allowing members to connect and share information. For the past couple of years the group has been working on a new Web 2.0 site which makes interaction much easier. When it is implemented at the start of 2009, it will be superior to that in use by any other, for profit or non-profit membership organization in the world.

Keeping ahead of technology is critical. MENG recognized the day that the current web-site was implemented three years ago that we had to plan to have a new web-site.So the first year was spent identifying improvements which the members would like, the next on sketching out an outline of how to get there, and the last on identifying technology and resources to implement it. This kind of pre-planning is required.

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