Tuesday, October 14, 2008

30% of US bridges are unsafe

Infrastructure is a real problem in the US. Not only are bridges and roads crumbling, but so are power grids - most of the wind farms being built today have no way to transmit all the power they will generate. Drinking water and irrigation systems are atrophying, public hospitals being closed down, and airports are unable to handle the demands on them. Schools are in poor physical shape, railroads inadequate, and telecommunications systems behind the need. Yet, the country is so fixated on keeping taxes low that the investment falls behind what is required. Not only is the country not building new infrastructure, but it is allowing existing infrastructure to deteriorate.

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Jonathan said...

True, the government should either maintain this stuff properly or privatize it. In the latter case, its maintenance still costs money, but the money doesn't come out of taxes.

Both methods can probably be made to work, but the government should choose one or the other and do it.