Friday, March 06, 2009

Job Boards in trouble? How to deal with it

With far fewer job vacancies, the job boards are suffering. Even though the number of seekers is up, most boards make their money from postings. There is evidence that many of the jobs on the boards are not real, but there to keep the appearance of numbers up. It is possible that some of the boards may close during the course of the year. However, job-seekers must remember that very few jobs are filled online, but most are filled through networking. So I expect to see a huge increase in networking.

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MAC said...

Your asscessment is correct Richard.

Fewer postings of new positions and more postings of "old" positions and many that have been withdrawn of already filled.

Even ExecuNet is taking a risky move of promoting BlueSteps as an insert in their newsletter.

The value of Blue Steps has been questioned by many. But it does suggest some boards are having difficulty finding companies with jobs to advertise..

You are a genius Richard--almost my hero.