Friday, November 27, 2009

Breadth of experience is more valuable than depth of experience in business

All the evidence suggests that breadth of experience is more important in a new hire than depth of experience. Someone with depth of experience typically has much of their experience which is out of date. Also, they have usually not experienced different work environments and may have difficulty in adjusting. On the other hand, someone with breadth of experience has demonstrated flexibility and the ability to apply principles to many different situations.

However, most hiring managers value depth of experience more, as they believe that such a person will be able to step into a new job faster. While this could be true, it does not mean that they are performing better a year into the job, or even six months.


Dennis Turner said...

Well I had recently applied for a professional position within state government, and they have replied recently that I am now qualified. I was first rated as not qualified and now I am because of "Depth and Breadth of Experience". what ever that means.

Dennis Turner said...

I had not recently heard the term " Depth and Breadth used in the same sentence. But I guess I see now how it could work when explaining something like working skills and or professional knowledge.