Sunday, December 27, 2009

The unintended end-result of new airline security

Each time there is a new attempt at terror on an airliner, security is tightened yet again. Yet each time there is eventually another attempt. Does this mean that security will get tighter and tighter until each of us is traveling naked, blindfolded and chained to the seat for the duration of the flight - with no luggage at all? It is difficult to see how this will ever really come to an end. I have no suggestions for ultimate security, but although I believe that security is critical, I suspect that we need to completely re-think our approach to it.

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Jonathan said...

Almost 17 years ago, I flew to Eilat from London by El Al, and was startled to be cross-examined at length before boarding, by a team of young Israeli women who repeated some of the same questions in an evident attempt to catch me out. I really felt like a criminal by the time it was all over.

I don't know what the answer is either, but the experience of flying has changed a lot over the decades. When I started doing it, it was expensive but pleasant. Nowadays, it's much cheaper but mostly unpleasant. Sitting in the aircraft isn't too bad (for a short trip, anyway), but getting through the airport can be a lengthy ordeal. Within Spain, the high-speed train is a welcome alternative, though not cheap.