Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Colleges fail Americans who drop out in large numbers

While America was in the lead after WW II in setting a college degree as an achievable goal, it has fallen back since. In 2009, only 53% of college students graduated in 6 years or less. Over one third of US students drop out without graduating, and less than one third of the nation ever graduates, less than the UK, the Netherlands, Japan and South Korea. The drop out rate at the University of Cambridge is 0.01%. Americans have a very different attitude to a University education. Dropping out for periods of time is regarded very casually, and failing to complete your education is not the cause of any peer disapproval. The Universities themselves are quick to recommend that the undergraduate take time out for indeterminate periods of time if he or she has any reverses - from poor grades to death in the family. This is not the norm in other countries where perseverance is valued more.

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