Thursday, December 02, 2010

US education, Healthcare and military spending - a failure of management

The USA spends twice as much on healthcare and education as most other Western countries, yet gets middle of the pack, at best, results. The US spends more on the military than the next 28 countries combined, we are told, yet, it has problems defeating the Taliban. We hear much discussion about government vs. private spending, yet this may not be the issue. We fear the Government run Chinese companies, yet continue to boast that capitalism is the system which will always win. Perhaps the real problem is that management in the US is just not as good as we think it is. Perhaps we have over-complicated all the processes, and over-educated all the managers.. We also allow politics to play a large part in each of them. Decisions are made on grounds which are frequently only rational in the context of politics. Simplification, if possible, would probably improve each of these areas.

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Jonathan said...

Even in the USA, there's much talk about capitalism, yet the heavy hand of government is laid upon it in many ways. Capitalism must operate within a framework of law, but I agree with you that the law should be much simpler and more general.

Governments don't occupy themselves with designing a simple, coherent system of law. They spend their time adding sticking plaster and staples and bits of string to the existing huge body of incoherent law.