Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Google+ How about "Friends" and "Close Friends'?

So far, I like Google+. I like how it splits Facebook's "Friends" into two classes. However, I hate "Friends" and "Acquaintances." It is almost an insult to label someone who may have been a friend on Facebook, an "acquaintance." Why did they not call them "Friends" and "Close Friends?"

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Jonathan said...

I have yet to try Google+, but the Circles facility doesn't appeal to me at first sight. I like having all my friends mixed up on Facebook, so that friends I've known in widely different contexts can see and reply to each other's comments.

It's true that what I have on Facebook is a mix of friends and acquaintances, but I feel no need to limit some posts to "Real Friends Only". If they're not friends enough to be allowed to read what I put on Facebook, then I should defriend them and be done with it.

I understand that Google+ also allows you to make selected posts visible to the world (not just to friends), which makes sense to me. This is what we do with a blog; so it could in principle make blogs redundant.