Friday, March 28, 2014

How to be a good networker - one key

Perhaps you know it, but there is one thing you do that few do - you provide feedback on introductions - that make you much better than most. Even though I always ask people to let me know how they got on, most do not. I make a lot of introductions, including several yesterday and giving me feedback is a good thing for them:
  1. It's polite
  2. I'm curious
  3. I know more so that I can make further introductions
  4. I know who is unhelpful and I can not introduce anyone else to them
For example. someone who never gives me feedback afterwards on the introductions I make for her misses opportunities for new introductions. There are people I have been making a few introductions a year for over many years, and someone who never gives feedback is losing out. You don't have to push, just make it easy for me to think of people you might like to meet.

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