Thursday, September 30, 2004

"The truth about..."

During this political campaign season, much information purporting to be the truth about some candidate or another has been disseminated. It seems that most of it has been successfully disputed by others. Have we lost touch with what the truth is, or is the truth so subjective that different people genuinely see it differently? Whether you are a George W. Bush or John Kerry supported seems to have an effect on your view of the world (or perhaps your view of the world forces youto support one or the other). Since no one person can know everything, does this mean that our selection of a candidate is inherently flawed? As in jury trials, I think that the theory is that the imperfections cancel each other out. The same applies to business or our personal life. Certainty is a powerful force in persuading others to support us, but some small measure of scepticism is useful in reaching the correct conclusion.

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