Monday, April 03, 2006

How naive can you get?

Today we see that the big news is that Lucent is merging with Alcatel, and Pat Russo of Alcatel is going to run the show from Paris. I wonder if she really belives that. When Mercedes-Benz bought Chrysler, it was trumpeted as a "merger of equals" - until Chrysler hit a wall, and Daimler moved a management team from Germany to take it over. When US West "merged" with Continental Cablevision, that was also supposed to be a "merger of equals." But one fine day, the folks from Denver ousted Amos Hostetter, Chairman, even though he was the biggest single shareholder in the merged company.

I will confidently predict that Pat Russo's position will be seen to be a smokescreen and in less time than expected, she will be replaced by an Alcatel person.

Any time there is a merger, there is a winner and a loser. Occasionally, it is not as expected, but it is usually predictable. The management of Gillette will soon learn how well they can succeed in the Procter & Gamble culture. So for all those involved in a merger, take the money and run!

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