Monday, October 02, 2006

Is there a breakdown in the moral fabric of society?

Today, we hear about the third US school shooting in a few weeks. Someone, with no apparent motive, went into a school and killed a number of pre-teenage girls. We ask how anyone can do this awful thing.

We see in a survey from the Center for Academic Integrity at Duke University that over half of all graduate business students have cheated.

The Sunday New York Times wrote that when the justices of the Ohio Supreme Court we faced with cases where plaintiffs or defendents had been political contributors, instead of recusing themselves, they all voted in favor of the entity which gave them money.

We hear that Representative John Murtha, one of the most respected, runs a "favor exchange," where members of the House trade their votes for "earmarks" added to bills wherein their constituents get additional pork.

US Universities, those critical academic institutions, unlike any others in the Western world, give preferential admission, even scholarships, to people who meet none of the academic standards required for a University - I refer to the professional athletes, especially football players, who go to the highest bidder. They also openly give admission preference to "legacy" applicants.

So we also see that Representative Foley, accused of inappropriate communication with underage boys, even though her was Head of the Congrssional Caucus on Children's ussues. To compound matters, we are told, that like Mel Gibon's apparent racist outburst, we should put it all down to alcoholism. It is difficult to see how alcohol could make racists or pedophiles out of people who were not to start with.

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