Sunday, April 08, 2007

Don't be ahead of your time

There are many risks in being ahead of your time. In 1945 Arthur C. Clarke proposed the geostationary satellite. A satellite at an orbit of a bit more than 42,000 km from the center of the earth will remain stationary with respect to the earth. However, in 1945, the rocket technology did not exist, and would not for another 20 years, so there was no way that he could patent the idea. There are many other ideas such as heavier than air flight, solar energy, television, which were "invented" before the technology existed to produce them. Of course, this is what people have thought for years about many products such as the videophone or fresh prepared meals, so they keep being introduced and keep on failing. Sometimes an idea is just ahead of its time, but sometimes, they are just flawed.

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