Friday, February 01, 2008

92 miles of Wall and guards with orders to shoot to kill

could not entirely stop East Berliners fleeing to the West. Each year thousands of illegal immigrants die trying to enter the EU, then more die trying to reach England. Whether for freedom or economic necessity, people have always tried to reach lands which are seen as better. No one has yet succeeded in stopping it completely. The reality is that however tough we make it for people who immigrate illegally, those who make it will have a better life than if they had stayed in their home countries. The solution is not easy. No one wants to reward people who break the law, but penalties are likely to be less severe than the cost of staying at home for many.
All the evidence shows that it is impossible to stop immigration. Therefore, the key is to ensure that legal immigration is possible. When the difficulties of legal immigration, the risks of illegal immigration, and the needs of employers are balanced, then we reach the optimum balance that maximizes the benefits to the individuals, the employers and the country.

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