Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Too many online social networks, and now corporations want you to join theirs?

Online social networks are a great idea. But there are too many, with more to come. No one can reasonably manage all of them, and I find the same people connect to me on multiple ones - Why? Are we simply viewing the number of connections we have a status symbol?

corporations are now setting up social networks to connect users of their products. Usually, this has little effect. Why on earth should I join a Marriott social network, when I am already a member of several broader ones? Corporations are not being realistic about how important their brands are to consumers if they think that they will put this above general networks.

What will replace online the current online networks, Something will, much as The Well was replaced by Compuserve, which was replaced by AOL, then Ryze by LinkedIn. What happened to Wikis as a way for groups to interact? Will the next generation be cell-phone driven rather than computer? I will pout forward some speculation in weeks to come/

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