Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shopper Marketing is only just beginning

Procter & Gamble calls it the "First Moment of Truth" - the moment at which the shopper is confronted with your product in the store. You may have worked hard at getting the product right, pricing it correctly, advertising it to everyone, but will he or she pick it up, and if so, will he or she buy it?

Increasingly, manufacturers and retailers are studying this moment. They are carrying out research to understand what happens. What are the shopper's thoughts? What are his or her actions? Over the next decade, this will become more and more important. New technology allows much more precise and accurate measurements to be taken.

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Jonathan said...

Customer #10651 and his thoughts: "Wow, that young lady who just walked in is a stunner. I'll just pick up some random product and pretend to be considering it while keeping an eye on her."