Thursday, July 09, 2009

I have learned about executives by coaching them

I have coached senior executives over many years. The vast majority are smart and hard working, yet few get to the top. I see three key issues which hold many of them back:
  1. The inability to see from other perspectives. Too many executives "lock in" on views and are unwilling or unable to see any other.
  2. Decisions based on emotion rather than fact. Very few executives are able to separate their emotions from the facts.
  3. Recognizing the "art of the possible," within the culture in which they work. Sometimes you get more done by pushing less, while other times you can achieve more by pushing hard.
I see CEOs who are no smarter or hard-working than people lower down in the organization, but those others do not know why they are not CEOs. It takes a third party perspective, if then to point out how to improve.

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