Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is Government in the US simply less efficient and effective than in other countries?

Mary Meeker recently produced an analysis which treated the US as a business. The inescapable conclusion from this is that time and again, the US gets less value from much government spending that other countries do.I have to wonder if this is based on the people in government (and less it is lower status than in most other countries and often lower paid), are the grandfathered processes of government at fault, is the inefficiency of having 50 states duplicate much effort and lose the economies of scale which smaller countries, such as France, can achieve, does the greater dislike of government in the US hinder it from doing its job, or is there some other cause?

In this vein, I must wonder whether US business is as well managed as it seems, or does the scale advantages of operating in a huge country mask inefficiencies?

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Jonathan said...

It seems to me from afar that the checks and balances built into the US system of government, designed to obstruct it from doing serious harm, in fact obstruct it whenever it tries to do anything. And yet without preventing it from doing harm in many small ways. The system has become old, bloated, and unhappy.

Could be time for a radical redesign. But who has either the power or the vision to do any such thing? It seems fated to stagger on into the future until it collapses.