Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Why will Apple maintain it's dominance of the tablet market?

The Apple iPad is expected to continue to maintain a market share well over 75% through 2011. The question in my mind i s why so low? It is an elegant, fast piece of hardware, with a usable screen, the widest supply of software, and the lowest price. I envisage Apple continue to dominate, much as it does in MP3 players. As more and more computing moves to tablets, Apple will gradually become an even bigger player in the total market, particularly as the Air provides powerful computing in a package not much bigger than the iPad.

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Jonathan said...

Speaking for myself, as I spend most of my life in my computer room, I have little use for portable gadgets. I like my large screen and under-the-desk tower system. iPods, iPads, you're welcome to them... :)