Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Data vs. Insight

Data or Information are often mistaken for insight. The reality is that insight can come from data, but much data is either not analyzed at all, mis-analyzed or is simply overhelming. Currently, with the advent of "Big Data" (which must have Volume; Velocity, and Variety, to qualify), we are in danger of being overwhelmed. This is so much so that many people put a lot of effort into eliminating or cutting back most data so that what is left is easy to understand.

This can be dangerous, as in order to identify the exception, you have to deeply undestand the norm. The human visual cortex is still the best tool for doing this. In simply driving down the road, we see, absorb and analyze millions of data points. We need to start using tools that can replicate this in business and science.

Such tools are beginning to exist. An example is Synerscope software which does not eliminate data, but by putting all on one screen allows identification of deviant processes very efectively.

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