Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Is fixing healthcare a social, business, or political problem?

In the US, the only Western country without universal health-care, there seems to be little progress. With over 46 Million without health insurance, a similar number with inadequate insurance, and 100 Million without dental care, a train wreck is inevitable. The resulting reduction in working days, it is an economic problem as well as a social one. However, no one seems to come to terms with the fact that delivering health-care requires a compromise between universal access, quality, and cost. No society can deliver all three to the maximum extent. Some area or areas have to be sub-optimal. Eventually, the bullet will have to be bitten or the consequences for the nation will be catastrophic, as the problem gets worse. It is indeed a social, business, and political issue, but those who are slowing down the resolution also come from each of these three factors. However, it does seem to be taking too much time to resolve. If government cannot resolve this, how can it be expected to resolve other major issues, such as Global Warming, Infrastructure, Energy, and Education, each of which is essential to our children's future?

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