Saturday, June 21, 2008

Do kids know what their fathers do?

The other day I got involved in a conversation with my daughter, who has just graduated from high school about what her friends' parents do. I was interested when she told me that most of her friends have no idea what they do. Having grown up very close to what my father did, and having had my kids in to my offices on numerous occasions, I was surprised. Her response was that as long as the money kept on coming in, what they did was not very important. I wonder what effect this will have on the kids' own career choices. I see that kids in the US and other Western countries are reluctant to take on tough academic challenges, and I wonder if this is because earning money is not associated with hard work.

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Jonathan said...

I work at home on my computer. My son sees me at the computer all day and probably thinks I spend my time playing computer games. Occasionally he's right.

I knew that my father worked at the airport, but he never took me into the control tower, so I never saw his working environment or what he did there. I rather regret that.