Thursday, June 12, 2008

Perspective on changes in society - from Organization man to Plural marriage

In 1960, middle class life was ostensibly cheerful, energetic, and while men strove to succeed at work, their wives took care of home and children. As the 60s moved on, young people questioned everything, from segregation to sexual repression, from the Vietnam war to opportunities at work. Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, Kinsey to Hugh Hefner, all influenced society - not just in the US. As society has slowly liberalized in some ways, in others it continues to be conservative, not always consistently. The death penalty continues to be applied in the US, along with passionate devotion to freedom speech, but less to other civil liberties, yet with same-sex marriage clearly on its way. In all probability this consistency will continue, with some issues changing and others not. In the next 25 years we will look back and be amazed at how important conservation has become, how routine universal health care is, and how common plural marriage, whether polygamy or polyandry has become!

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